Bachmann 31-115: BR Standard Class 4MT 4-6-0 75027 BR Lined Green L/Crest BR2 Tender-Weathered

Manufacturer's Description

BR Standard Class 4MT 4-6-0


- opening smokebox door

- sliding roof sky-lights

The Class 4MT was one of the most popular of the standard classes, these adaptable mixed traffic 4-6-0s could go almost anywhere and had a longer working range than their tank engine counterpart. Their low axle load enabled them to be used over routes where the larger Class 5 was prohibited.

The design originated from the Fairburn LMS 2-6-4T, and the boiler evolved from the tank engine by lengthening the barrel by 9in, keeping the same firebox dimensions. The use of a tender gave more fuel and water for the longer journeys.

R. A. Riddles designed the locomotive at Brighton, with help from Swindon, Derby and Doncaster. Construction took place at the BR Swindon works in 1951. The class was allocated to the London Midland Region, the Southern Region and the Western Region.

The last of the class was withdrawn in 1968, six members of the class have been preserved.


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