Hornby R1101: The Blue Highlander

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Manufacturer's Description

There were times when trains like the Blue Highlander hauled freight wagons as well as a single coach along small Scottish branch lines. This set includes a tough little locomotive which boasts Scottish origins, a selection of wagons plus a small passenger coach all of which go to emulate those small local Highland trains of days gone by. The oval by track with siding adds a degree of operational interest as wagons have to be shunted to and fro as they are dropped off at their destination only to be picked up on the return journey.

  • TrakMat
  • Starter Oval Track and Track Pack A
  • Caledonian 0-4-0ST locomotive
  • 12 ton vent van
  • 7 plank wagon
  • Lowmac and load
  • 4 wheel coach
  • Trackside accessories
  • Power Track
  • Buffer Stop
  • Train Controller
  • Wall mounted power unit


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