Hornby R1132M: The Southern Star Train Set

Manufacturer's Description

There were times when trains like The Southern Star hauled not only freight but individual coaches along the small branch lines that ran from the main lines to small coastal towns and villages of the British Isles. This set includes a smart 4 wheel locomotive the heritage of which can be traced back to the late industrial 19th Century.

Also included are a selection of wagons plus a small coach all of which emulate those small local trains of days gone by. The oval of track with siding adds a degree of operational interest as wagons have to be shunted to and fro allowing them to be 'dropped off' and picked up on the trains return journey.

This set contains:

  • Southern 0-4-0 Locomotive
  • 12 ton Vent Van
  • 7 Plank Wagon
  • Four Wheel Coach
  • Power Track
  • Buffer Stop
  • Train Controller
  • Wall mounted power unit for operation from AC mains 220-240V AC 50Hz
  • TrakMat 1600 x 1280mm
  • Starter Oval Track and Track Pack A


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