Hornby R1147: Codename: Strike Force

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Manufacturer's Description

It is the good guys versus the bad guys in this all action train set. Who is good and who is bad? Only you can decide!

The camouflaged train must travel around the track carrying much needed supplies to the troops. The BattleMat included allows for the track circuit to be extended using the Hornby Track Packs providing plenty of scope for an all action railway layout.

  • Military 0-4-0 locomotive
  • 2 x Lowmac wagons
  • Supply van
  • 4 x assorted military vehicles
  • Bunkers and military personnel
  • 3rd Radius Starter Oval plus extension pack A
  • P9200 wall plug transformer
  • R8250 Train controller
  • R8206 Power Track
  • Hornby MidiMat (1600 x 1180mm)


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