Hornby R1157: West Coast Highlander Train Set

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Manufacturer's Description

There were times when trains like the locally named 'West Coast Highlander' hauled freight trains along the small branch lines that ran from the main lines to the small rural towns and villages of the British Isles.

This set includes a smart 4-wheel locomotive and a selection of wagons which emulate those small local trains of days gone by. The oval of track with siding add a degree of operational interest as wagons have to be shunted to and fro allowing them to be dropped off and picked up on the train's return journey.


  • West Coast Highland 0-4-0 locomotive
  • Lochgelly Open Wagon
  • DJS Petroleum Tank
  • Brown Open Wagon
  • Box Van
  • Trackside Accessories
  • 3rd Radius Starter Oval with Track Pack A
  • Wall Plug Transformer (P9200)
  • Train Controller (R8250)
  • Power Track (R8206)
  • Trak Mat 1600mm x 1280mm
This item will be supplied with a UK transformer


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