Hornby R2985: "Duchess at Carlisle" - Limited Edition of 1000

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Manufacturer's Description

"A Duchess at Carlisle" print, limited edition certificate, LMS ""Duchess of Sutherland"" Princess Coronation Class, LMS Corridor 1st Class coach, LMS Corridor 3rd Class coach, LMS Corridor Brake 3rd Class coach.

The Duchess or Princess Coronation class locomotives have always been a firm favourite for Barry J. Freemen to paint and when he was asked to produce a painting which featured the ""Duchess of Sutherland"" he was keen to take up the commission.

With the Duchess carrying the LMS crimson lake livery but devoid of the streamlined casing the period in which the locomotive can be seen waiting at Carlisle station would be around 1946.

  • Class: Princess Coronation
  • Designer: Sir William Stanier
  • Entered Service: 1935
  • Number Built: 58
  • Purpose: Express Passenger
  • Wheel Configuration: 4-6-2
  • Dimensions: 299mm (loco only)
  • Motor: 5 Pole Skew Wound. Loco Drive
  • DCC Ready: DCC Ready
  • Livery: Crimson Lake
  • Finish: Pristine

Special Features

  • Sprung Buffers
  • Extensive Detail
  • Brake rods
  • Sliding cab roof hatch
  • Loco drive
  • NEM Couplings
  • Tender Detail


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