Hornby R3075: SR 4-6-0 N15 Class - "Sir Mador de la Port"

Manufacturer's Description

When railway tracks were laid in Great Britain and trains began operating to a timetable the Royal Mail were one of the first to take advantage of this new mode of transport, using the trains to pick up and deliver post to all areas of the country. It is therefore fitting that the Royal Mail have produced a series of stamps celebrating some of the famous classes of steam locomotives that have operated on the British Isles.

This Hornby model of the Southern Railway N15 Class, 'Sir Mador de la Port', is one of 1200 models celebrating the time when the mail was transported across the United Kingdom by rail. Also included is a special souvenir cover envelope with the 'Sir Mador de la Port' stamp in position and appropriately postmarked.

  • Class: N15
  • Designer: R. W. Urie
  • Entered Service: 1918
  • Number Built: 54
  • Purpose: Express Passenger
  • Wheel Configuration: 4-6-0
  • Dimensions: 270mm
  • Motor: 5 Pole Skew Wound. Loco Drive
  • DCC Ready: DCC Ready
  • Finish: Pristine

Special Features

  • Sprung Buffers
  • Extensive Detail
  • Brake rods
  • Sliding cab roof hatch
  • Loco drive
  • NEM Couplings
  • Tender Detail


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