Hornby R3093: Tornado Pullman Pack Special Edition

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Manufacturer's Description

Their dream was to build a new Peppercorn Class A1 locomotive, a task that took them nearly 20 years to complete but eventually in 2008 their dream came true when 60163 “Tornado” moved under steam for the first time. This pack is inspired by the numerous special and char ter trains that “Tornado” has pulled since 2008 and none can be more special than the Pullman charters that bring an air of opulence and nostalgia for those lucky passengers who not only enjoy the exquisite interior of these cars but also the superb cuisine that is offered on such trips.

  • Class: Peppercorn Class A1
  • Designer: Arthur H Peppercorn
  • Entered Service: 1948 (Tornado in 2009)
  • Number Built: 49 + 1
  • Dimensions: 293mm
  • DCC Ready: DCC Ready

Special Features

  • Interior Detail


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