Hornby R3103: BR A4 Bittern - Double Tender Special Edition

Manufacturer's Description

Originally numbered 4464 'Bittern' was outshopped from the Doncaster Works on the 18th December 1937 in the Garter Blue livery. Based at Heaton in Newcastle, 'Bittern' served the famous Flying Scotsman train between King's Cross and Newcastle. Early in the locomotive's career, 'Bittern' suffered some collision damage, necessitating a general overhaul at Doncaster in 1938. In November 1941 'Bittern' was repainted into 'wartime black' and did not return to Garter Blue until March 1947. The streamlining parts were removed for ease of maintenance during the War, with the whole Class being used for hauling heavy freight and coal for which they were not designed. Consequently, by the end of the War the A4s were generally in poor condition.

'Bittern' was re-numbered as 60019 by the newly formed British Railways in 1948. In July 1950 the locomotive was re-liveried into British Railways dark blue with black and white lining, and finally into Brunswick Green in February 1952. 'Bittern' was withdrawn from service on the 5th September 1966 and sold into private ownership. Suffering from a cracked frame it was cosmetically restored and displayed in the livery of locomotive 2509 (60014) 'Silver Link', a locomotive that had been scrapped in 1963.

'Bittern' had just one tender, No. 5638, throughout the locomotive's career. During the major overhaul which returned the engine to traffic in 2007 the tender was rebuilt as a corridor version. Both locomotive and tender were liveried in British Railways lined green. Using a second tender in July 2009 'Bittern' made a 188-mile non-stop run from King's Cross to York with the locomotive carrying 'The Brighton Belle' headboard to publicise the launch of the Brighton Belle restoration project. During maintenance in 2010-2011 the original side valences were fitted and 'Bittern' was re-painted into the original Garter Blue livery and numbered as locomotive 4492 'Dominion of New Zealand' a locomotive which had been scrapped in 1963. 'Bittern' will wear this livery for three years.

  • Class: A4
  • Wheel Configuration: 4-6-2
  • Motor: 5 Pole Skew Wound
  • DCC Ready: DCC Ready
  • Finish: Pristine

Special Features

  • Sprung Buffers
  • Extensive Detail
  • Fixed cartazzi wheel assembly
  • NEM Couplings
  • Tender Detail


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